Rapid development of technology and increasing awareness of global challenges have increased the need for lean and agile space missions, and calls for a new generation of engineers to design them. Miniaturization of the sensor technology and electronics has decreased the weight of a satellite, which at the same time has brought launch prices to the reach of educational institutes and smaller countries.

 Aalto nanosatellites are part of space curriculum!

A satellite project is an excellent source of motivation for learning and collaboration, the goal is clear to everybody. Many students wish to contribute to a real space project and now it is possible. When combining this motivation with a project based teaching and high quality lecture courses, the learning outcome is usually very good or excellent.

The CubeSat project concept rhymes also well with modern university teaching trends that attempt to integrate all the key components of professional expertise to comprehensive learning experience. Completion of the satellite demonstrates the high level of education at the Aalto University. The new generation of nanosatellites involves technological developments, the results of which can also be used in other fields.

The Aalto University satellite projects ensure that students will continue to work with the right challenges and the latest technology in the future. Designing instruments for use in highly demanding conditions helps us create innovations and teaches us to appreciate and build quality.



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