Aalto-2 satellite for QB50 constellation


Contact: Project responsible leader Jaan Praks (jaan.praks [at] aalto [dot] fi)
Project and quality manager: Tuomas Tikka (tuomas.tikka [at] aalto [dot] fi)
Satellite systems engineer: Nemanja Jovanovic (nemanja.jovanovic [at] aalto [dot] fi)
Mission manager: Bagus Riwanto (bagus.riwanto [at] aalto [dot] fi)
This project has received funding from TEKES and the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development under grant agreement no [284427] .

Aalto-2 satellite is a 2U CubeSat format satellite for the QB50 atmospheric measurement mission (qb50.eu). The development of the satellite was started in 2012 in synergy with the Aalto-1 development, and most of the subsystems are manufactured in-house by undergraduate and postgraduate students. The main goal of the project was to advance space technology education and cooperation in Europe, and help to carry out the QB50 scientific mission. The main payload of the Aalto-2 satellite is Multi Needle Langmuire Probe (MnLP) measurement unit, provided by University of Oslo. 

The satellite was launched to space on April 18 2017 and deployed to space from ISS on May 25 2017. The satellite was registered to Belgium, as a part of QB50 constellation. Unfortunately the satellite's lifetime in orbit was short. It was able to demonstrate basic functionality of the platform, but was not able to carry out the scientific mission. However, many mission goals were acieved, including successful communication with ground station in Otaniemi. 

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