Aalto-3 Open Source Student Satellite Project

The Aalto-3 is the third member of the Aalto Satellites family. It is a CubeSat with a size of 1U. The goal of the Aalto-3 is to provide an Open Source satellite for everyone, which has been demonstrated to work and endure in the harsh space environment.

Contact information:

Responsible Leader: Professor Jaan Praks (jaan.praks [at] aalto [dot] fi)
Project Leader: Samuli Nyman (samuli.nyman [at] aalto [dot] fi
Project Manager: Alexandros Binios (alexandros.binios [at] aalto [dot] fi)
Systems Engineer: Eric Heung (tsz.heung [at] aalto [dot] fi)


The Aalto-3 is a student project built around a Software-Defined Radio main payload. The satellite is designed to be a 1U CubeSat standard satellite with a mass of only1.33 kg. It is equipped with an UHF command and telemetry link, and a camera as its primary payload. The satellite also carries a wireless bus technology demonstration using Bluetooth, and a few structural microphones recording vibrations as its secondary payload. Currently, the team of nearly 50 students are preparing the design, software, schematics and structure for testing and subsystem prototypes. The Aalto-3 had its Critical Design Review in June, and now during the summer of 2018 the mechanical design, and subsystem printed circuit boards will be finalized. Below is pictured the current iteration of the Aalto-3 satellite.




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