Quantum researchers around the globe gather at Aalto

5. elokuu 2017

The conference covers quantum effects and connects research directions at the frontiers of mesoscopic quantum coherence.

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Assembly of the Suomi 100 satellite has begun

13. heinäkuu 2017

Final assembly of the next Finnish satellite began this week in Otaniemi. The Suomi 100 satellite should be ready in August and launched into space in December.

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Special journal issue showcases Aalto University’s materials research

13. kesäkuu 2017

The special issue of Advanced Electronic Materials published by Wiley Inc. presents 12 articles on materials research conducted at Aalto University.

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Aalto-2 no longer responds to commands

12. kesäkuu 2017

After a promising start, the satellite mission faces communication problems caused likely due radiation damaged component by batteries damaged by low temperature.

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Small satellites accelerate realisation of space programme

6. kesäkuu 2017

MSc (Tech.) Antti Kestilä will defend his doctoral dissertation on rapid space missions on 9 June 2017.

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Innovation award for women goes to Professor Hele Savin

1. kesäkuu 2017

Professor Savin has developed an applied nanotechnology method for producing high-capacity solar cells with the help of “black silicon” that employs nanostructures.

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Quantum technology selected as an Academy of Finland Centre of Excellence

1. kesäkuu 2017

Aalto is also involved in the space and imaging centres of excellence.

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LuxTurrim5G brings a new generation of data networks to urban streets

26. toukokuu 2017

New intelligent network provides great business opportunities.

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First Aalto-2 signal received from Japan

25. toukokuu 2017

Released into orbit on 25 May, Aalto-2 is measuring the features of the thermosphere.

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Aalto-2 satellite's deployment into orbit delayed

22. toukokuu 2017

The planned deployment of the satellite on Tuesday will have to be postponed due to an extra space walk.

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Aalto-2 satellite goes into orbit to measure the thermosphere

19. toukokuu 2017

The small satellites will be deployed from the International Space Station on 23 May.

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Aalto-2 satellite arrived at the International Space Station

22. huhtikuu 2017

The Cygnus cargo spacecraft transporting satellites docked on the station at 1.05 pm.

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A new method developed for measuring carbon nanotubes

19. huhtikuu 2017

With this method can be measured e.g. the number of single walled carbon nanotubes and their concentration in a carbon nanotube layer.

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Master the technology, sky is the limit

18. huhtikuu 2017

The four-day LUMA course allows one to dive into nanotechnology and discover: technology is a tool that allows one to do their own thing.

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Aalto-2 satellite to be launched after Easter

5. huhtikuu 2017

The new launch date has been set for Tuesday, 18 April.

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New 5G transmitter 20 times more efficient than the previous ones

21. maaliskuu 2017

The new 5G radio transmitter is designed for the small fifth generation base stations.

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The latest installation lectures available on video

21. maaliskuu 2017

Aalto University's newly tenured professors reveal the secrets of miniature robotics and optimizing human-computer interaction, among other things.

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Launch times draw near for Aalto satellites

6. maaliskuu 2017

Aalto-2 is already ready and waiting at the launch site. Aalto-1 will probably be transferred to the launch site in the coming weeks.

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A SOI wafer is a suitable substrate for gallium nitride crystals

2. maaliskuu 2017

Improved characteristics in power electronics and radio applications can be achieved by using a SOI wafer for gallium nitride growth.

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Record-breaking tiny centenary celebration logo only a hundredth of a millimetre in size

22. helmikuu 2017

The logo for Finland’s centennial was created from silicon with the same method as the world's smallest Aalto vase.

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Smart buildings project develops open IoT interfaces for the needs of building services

15. helmikuu 2017

Improving openness will result in interactive systems that make it possible to share data in a seamless manner. Compatibility also makes systems more cost-effective.

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Metsähovi collects key data for international use

12. tammikuu 2017

The Finnish radio observatory is part of a consortium, which received EUR 10 million in funding from the European Commission.

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Aalto-1 satellite launch moved to the start of the year

9. joulukuu 2016

The launch timetable for the Falcon 9 rocket has been delayed because the investigation into the accident, which occurred in September, continues.

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Development of digitalisation motivates research in the field

17. marraskuu 2016

Technologies that enable digitalisation will be on show in Helsinki in August.

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Researchers discover new method for heat dissipation in electronic components

16. marraskuu 2016

By managing the flow of phonons in semiconductor nanowires, engineers can create smaller and faster devices.

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